Thursday, March 19, 2009

This just in - Make sure you pay your taxes

If the AP report on MSNBC is correct, firms taking taxpayer funded TARP money owe the U.S. government 0.02% of that fund in back taxes. Yep, you heard that right, TARP recipients owe back taxes. And they all had to sign certifications saying they didn't in order to get their funds in the first place.

Two thoughts spring to mind. First, will the Republicans who have sunk so many Democratic nominees over tax issues holler as loudly about this? Me thinks not. And second, will this be the "smoking gun" that will finally open criminal investigations into the very companies who willfully and gleefully took our economy into the tank in the name of short term profits? After all, Al Capone got sent up for tax issues . . . .

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Thomas Joseph said...


IMO talk is cheap. Since the Democrats control both branches that will be responsible for bringing these companies before the third ... THEY'LL be the ones we need to look at to see if they're going to do anything.