Monday, April 27, 2009

New NOAA climate science report - methane is more then just cow manure.

Apparently, it's not just Carbon Dioxide that we need to worry about. If Methane, which is regulated as a green house pollutant, is increasing this fast, I guarantee you it's not from cow farts.

H/T Joe Romm at Climate Progress.

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Thomas Joseph said...

In some ways, methane and nitrous oxide pose more of a danger than carbon dioxide itself.

In terms of "greenhouse gas potential" methane is over 20 times more efficient in trapping heat than an equal weight of carbon dioxide ... so for every ton of methane emitted into the atmosphere, it's roughly equal to 23 tons of carbon dioxide.

Nitrous oxide is over 290 times more efficient in trapping heat.

Restoration of wetlands would go a ways in helping restore balance to our environment.