Monday, August 17, 2009

Healthcare reform in America - an idea well intentioned is now sunk!

So over at Ames's place, I weighed in on the health care reform "debate" currently going on in our nation. I wasn't planning to write a full blog post over there, but it just sort of started to flow. I can't say if there will be more later - I have a lot in the queue that I want to write about, and decreasing time to write this month, but this is worth looking at.

It seems that Megan McCardle still misunerestimates liberals, and our position on this issue. Yet another thing on my To-Post list.

It now seems that one former industry insider is confirming some of the worst suspicions of liberals about where, and how, opposition is mounting.

Now it seems that Democrats are FINALLY considering the go it alone approach. The President had the political capitol to do that at the beginning of this debate, but he still faces a party discipline battle with the Blue Dogs. I have to wonder if he has enough moral suasion on his side now to get them in line.

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