Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blogs to read daily - my top 6 sources of information

The lovely red-headed wife once asked me how I manage to keep up with all the blogs, and my own blogging, without getting sucked into wasted hours on a daily basis. She has, as she freely admits, a highly addictive personality, and so she resists blogs primarily to keep this from happening to her.

My answer is really quite simple – while there are about two dozen blogs I monitor regularly, I only read six blogs daily. See, my ritual is to listen to NPR’s Morning Edition on the Metro in to work each morning, scan the on-line Washington Post while reading my morning email and having the first cup of coffee, and then take 20 minutes or so to read these authors:

Glenn Greenwald

Mike at the Big Stick

Ames at Submitted to a Candid World (where I often run into Mike as well)

Simon and James at the Baseline Scenario

Sheril and Chris at The Intersection

And secularist 10 at 100 Treatises

Granted, some of them update their blogs several times a day, but I find a good morning read is about all I need from the six sources (and the WaPo and NPR) to get a pretty good handle on the issues of the day. I may not always agree with them – I think there are days Mike would rather throttle me then dialogue with me – but all are immanently accessible, and all will provide you a great insight that can help you sort the B.S. flying around in the blog-o-sphere.

Now, of the others I read less frequently,

Stephanie Z at Almost Diamonds

Is ALWAYS worth my time as well.


Mike at The Big Stick said...

Glad I made your list! You are always safe with me. Ames is the only guy I ever feel like throttling and we're still buddies (I think).

Sheril said...

You're one of my top visitors too :)

Philip H. said...

awe shucks . . . . Now if we can just get the climate debate back on track . . . .

secularist10 said...

Thanks for the mention, Philip. It's true that getting solid info on a regular basis is tough, especially from a variety of sources. Personally, I try to make a conscious effort to read those I know I will disagree with. This helps me to open my mind, improve my arguments and just become more logical, which is what it's all about, at the end of the day.