Thursday, January 7, 2010

Here's a short, and unusually frank look from National Public Radio at the Obama Administration's terrorism policies.

When I heard this on the way to the Metro station today, I have to say I was impressed. Most of the "mainstream media" won't touch this glaring contradiction - though Glenn Greenwald has cerrtainly done their background work for them for quite a while.

The best quote, IMHO, is this one:

"The issue of course is, is this a good policy?" Martin says. "It makes it
very difficult to have the kind of public conversation we need to have, about is
this a wise policy, is it working, in what direction does the United States want
to move, because [the debate] has been so politicized."

See, I have thought this exact thing for some time. Mr. Bush clearly believed in armed, aggressive assault - no matter the political, strategic, or human consequences. Mr. Obama claimed just the opposite mantle when he campaigned, but time has shown him to be at best reluctant to step away from the irrational Bush/Cheney doctrine.

I would have loved to see a more in depth piece from NPR - and I'd much rather see this on CNN or ABC News. But its a start, and for that we should be grateful.

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