Friday, April 30, 2010

Mobile Blogging comes to Blogger

mobile blogging - this a test of the new mobile blogging system. If this goes through, I will use it sort of like Twitter - you'll get more of me but few words.


jg said...

Curious. Do you have any control over the advertisements that appear on your site? The first ad in the body is for a campaign to defeat Barbara Boxer (Senator, CA). I suspect she would be one of your favorites. Perhaps it won't be a problem among your "well vetted readers" (I loved that line)


Philip H. said...

Sadly I don't have any control - the Google AdSense module works on an algorithm basis looking at words I write in my titles and posts and then throws them up. Not that I make any realy $$ from them, FWIW.

Thomas Joseph said...

jg, Firefox's AD Block is your friend. I do not see any Google advertisements on any blogspot blogs.