Thursday, September 2, 2010

Duldrums in the blog-o-sphere

In case you at home have wondered why I haven't been blogging lately - this sort of sums up one of three major reasons:

He's proved himself to be a lightweight and a poseur. I'd nearing the point where I'd prefer an honest conservative (is there such a being?) over someone who advocates for lots of lofty things in word, then absolutely undercuts those goals in deed. What a wasted opportunity.

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Mike at The Big Stick said...

I feel you. Politics are so messed up right now that I can usually only motivate myself to post about my garden and such. I told someone the other day that I have realized in the last few months that i HATE the notion of politics as a team sport. I just want to see solid policy that moves us forward in safe, incremental steps. Is that so much to ask?