Friday, August 10, 2012

ConfirmationBias in the Republican Party - how granting the vote to all is taking it away from the military!

From the other side of the aisle, a good short look at how confirmation bias is making it harder and harder to talk about important policy issues from a factual basis.  That, as our esteemed author notes, makes ranting in order.

That, perhaps, is the most frustrating thing of all.  And why?  Because this isn’t just confirmation bias anymore.  Confirmation bias means you miss some things, that you filter what you see.  But this is different. This is willfully choosing to ignore a fact that disproves a particular belief you have. Hell, I wasn’t asking her to change her vote.  I don’t even WANT her to change her vote! I just want her—and everyone—to argue from a place of logic, to recognize that we live in a world of grey, a world filled with agenda and spin and naked attempts at persuasion, a world that is actually trying to make us ignore the facts.

- Chasing Glenn Beck - We, the Sheeple....

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