Sunday, October 28, 2012

REBLOG: The progressive case against Obama

One of the toughest parts of being a really left leaning liberal these days is my Party of Record nominated, and managed to elect a right leaning centerist the last time out.  No matter what other Progressives and Democrats say, Mr. OBama dies NOT have a record of Change We Can Believe in (unless you like extra-judicial killings).  So who do I vote for on election day - especially given my long standing policy of critique of the President both here and on Facebook?  Matt Stolle offers a series of "you really need to read these" reasons for NOT voting Democratic if you are a progressive in his piece in Salon titled " The progressive case against Obama."

We need to build a different model of politics, one in which people who want a different society are willing to actually bargain and back up their threats, rather than just aesthetically argue for shifts around the margin. The good news is that the changes we need to make are entirely doable. It will cost about $100 trillion over 20 years to move our world to an entirely sustainable energy system, and the net worth of the global top 1 percent is $103 trillion. We can do this. And the moments to let us make the changes we need are coming. There is endless good we can do, if enough of us are willing to show the courage that exists within every human being instead of the malevolence and desire for conformity that also exists within every heart.
Systems that can’t go on, don’t. The political elites, as much as they kick the can down the road, know this. The question we need to ask ourselves is, do we?

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