Monday, March 18, 2013

REBLOG - GOP: We’ve been lying all along

David Sirota is not exactly a died in the wool, screaming from the roof tops Commie pinko liberal.   I'd argue on his best days he's a pragmatic centrist.  he's also a very articulate writer, who is now (finally) as willing to criticize republicans as he has Democrats in the past:

In practice, that means Wall Streeters and conservative ideologues citing the supposedly imminent crisis to successfully nudge the political establishment to endorse cuts to Social Security, even though the program has almost nothing to do with the debt crisis. It also means a GOP budget that targets most of its cuts at the social programs that the poor and middle-class most rely on (This, at the same time most of these same alleged budget hawks supported an extension of most of the deficit-expanding Bush tax cuts; decry any cuts to the defense budget; and either outright oppose a single payer system or support the Obama health care law that while certainly expanding coverage, nonetheless buttresses the private health insurance industry and, thus, arguably makes such a single-payer system more out of reach).

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