Monday, May 13, 2013

REBLOG: The Heart of the Matter: Don't Worry, US Imperialism is Cost-Free

Even though I'm trying to get back to more original content here, I still think there are things running around the blog-o-sphere that my readers should see.

Such is the case with Barry Eisler's most recent offering on Muslim Blowback, framed as the Cost of current U.S. Imperialism.  The simple, and historical truth is that imperialism anywhere in the world is met with resistance of one sort or another.  We asw this in Afghanistan in the 1980's, when the Mujahadin effectively destroyed the Soviet Union by bankrupting them in a decade long war (where have we aseen that play out recently?).  We see it ongoing in Israel, where European guilt at the horros of the holocaust have enabled 7 decades fo repression of Palestinians.  We saw it in the collapes of the Spanish and British Empires.  We even see it in the narrative portions of Christianity, where Jesus teachings and ministry are too often (and too unfortunately IMHO) cast as a rebellious response to the Roman Empire.

Now Eisler joins the long running commentary of Glenn Greenwald and others (including me) on the notion that occupying the Middle East has enormous and unintended consequences and costs.

You can read more at The Heart of the Matter: Don't Worry, US Imperialism is Cost-Free

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