Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Really Martha Raditz? The MSM shills for the military industrial complex again.

In tonight's State of Union speech, President Obama rightly noted that while ISIL certainly represents a threat to American citizens but not an existential threat to the US. While it seems to many to be a wildly inaccurate statement, the reality is that ISIL can not destroy the US unless we as a nation cower before them.

Yet ABC's Martha Raditz picked up the banner of war and dismissed the President's assertions as everything but fiction.

And that is the core of the problem - Anerica has the ability to defeat ISIL and yet our media is told to fear them as if the  very Constitution itself would be torn asunder if we don't completely destroy ISIL right now.

Frankly, if we look to history we see that quiet, consistent ignoring of such ignorant apostates usually forces them to go away. We would also know that a failed state - be it Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Lybis, or Russia - is not always the job of the US to fix.

Too bad the MSM isn't sophisticated enough to lead us there. For Shame.

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