Friday, January 27, 2017

A "YUGE" Victory still creates the Biggest Looser - Now will he hear "You're Fired!"

President Trump likes to talk about his immense win - he even did so in an exclusive interview with ABC. Problem is the numbers don't add up.

There are around 200,081,377 registered voters in the US. The best statistics available show that  138,884,643 actually voted.  the vote totals for the Presidential race broke  65,844,610 for Clinton and 62,979,636 for Trump. Which means that 69% of registered voters went to the polls.  Of course, if you look at people eligible to vote, regardless of registration status, the number of total voters drops to 60%.

But lets stick with the 69% number - of that number, Clinton voter make up 47.4% of those who went to the polls, or 33% of registered voters.  Trump won slightly less, or 31.4%.  But if you add the Clinton votes, the third party candidates, and those who did not vote, Trump LOST bigly, since 69.6% of registered voters either supported someone else or no one at all.

So, friends and neighbors, the next time the President talks about all his support, just remember that roughly 70% of the people who could legally walk into a voting booth on election day didn't want him in the White House. That's no mandate, and anyone who tells you otherwise, including the principal resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue - is lying.  YUGELY.

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