Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Celebrity environmentalists - maybe they have a use afterall

As I type, I'm watching the fisheries collapse episode of National Geographic's Strange Days on Plant Earth. Hosted by Ed Norton, this new series is, perhaps, a good introduction to environmental issues for people used to the sound bite culture of modern media. I have to admit, I wouldn't think about Ed Norton as a spokesperson for well managed commercial fisheries which protect the environment. Yet it turns out, he's actually pretty well qualified. His father, to whom he was and still is pretty close, was a groundbreaking ecologist for the Nature Conservancy in Asia. He talked about that, and his eco learning in a recent Washington Post on-line chat. All of this is to say, some celebrities may well be able to transcend their celebrity, and actually contribute to the changes that we need to make to protect our environment.


Eric Roston said...

Thanks for the note earlier today. Glad to make your virtual acquaintance. Sounds like we're each working on oceans (would rather be playing in them), and our paths were bound to cross sooner or later anyway! Keep in touch.

Sheril said...

Ha! Now Eric and Philip meet virtually... That's one degree of separation for me!

kcsphil said...

Actually Miss Sheril, thanks to Red, I think you and I have fewer degrees of seperation.