Thursday, July 23, 2009

George Will - Climate Denier redux

Back in February, George Will published a . . . fanciful column . . . supposed exposing (again) the lie that is the climate crisis. I shot back, as did many others. Even the President of the World Meteorological Society wrote in, and suqarely laid Mr. Will out for his flagarant lying. Sadly, neither Post, nor Mr. Will ever printed a correction or retraction, perferring to hide behind half answer to their own ombudsman, who had been on the job only a week or so.

Now comes Mr Will is at it again, and Joe Romm debunks him better then I can. So does Carl Zimmer. And as Sarah A points out, a lie is a lie no matter who tells it or for what purpose. Someone needs to tell Hiatt that, though I wonder sometimes if he's capable of listening.

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