Friday, September 4, 2009

Tell Obama: We're counting on YOU!

As many of you politically savy readers know, President Obama will give a major speech next week laying out what he thinks needs to be in the health care bill. This is a critical crossroads. The president needs to hear that Americans are counting on him to stand up to the status quo and fight for real reform with a strong public health insurance option.I just signed a petition telling President Obama I'm counting on him to fight hard for a bold health care reform bill. TO that end, I've signed's petition, and trying to lend my voice here to this debate.

Can you join me at the link below?

H/T to Stephanie Z (posted at Quiche Moraine not Almost Diamonds).


Mike said...

My opinion is that if he had any balls he would just say, "Screw the GOP - we want universal healthcare," and fight for that. I could respect it a lot more than this nonsense of pretending to just want a public 'option' and a watered down bill.

jg said...

Did it. Thanks.

Thomas Joseph said...
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