Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The U.S. Government wants to kill one of our citizens

This, friends, Romans and Countrymen, is a sad day in U.S. History. For the first time, American 0fficials, speaking on that all hiding condition of anonymity, have confirmed that the U.S. has authorized the targeted killing of an American Citizen, because in the view of the Administration he represents the most severe kind of threat to our national security that he must be removed. Yes folks, the nation that claims it is such an exception in the modern world as to lecture the Afghani government on corruption (a government the last Administration installed and which we prop up), is now among the handful of nations that openly advocates the assassination of its citizens.

That fact should disgust each and every one of you, as it does me. and it should result in the ringing down of shame on the Obama White House. We have, of course, seen internal killings of opponents before - the practice was rampant in South American in the 1970's and 1980's. Israel is reported to routinely assassinate Palestinian leaders it considers a threat - often by rocketing their houses while they sleep surrounded by their families.

But we, of course, are not terrorists. And killing one of our citizens will keep us eternally safe because he's a very bad man.

To paraphrase Martin Miemoller:

First, I let them kill Muslims, because I was not a Muslim
Then I let them kill American Muslims, because I was not an American Muslim
Then I let them kill Americans whose politics I disagreed with, because I was not one of them
Then they came to kill me, and there was no one left to stop them.

Shame on us.

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