Friday, May 13, 2011

Why taxation (even with representation) matters

From a Facebook link, comes this fundamental question that SHOULD be front and center in our national debate about the economy, government size, and government debt, but is not:

I’m tired of the insane arguments. So I’m genuinely asking: What’s the solution? We can’t live without clean water, without sanitary sewage treatment. We need roads and transportation and oversight on power and communications. We need somebody to make sure the people running nuclear plants keep them safe – and to help protect us if something goes wrong. This always seems to be the government’s job. I personally am glad for that.

But if it’s not with tax money, then I want to know: How do we pay for all this? We need the money; we can’t do without the systems. If not from taxes, where does it come from?

I’m begging: somebody give me an answer.

Read more here: The Ugly Truth About Infrastructure (and Taxes)

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