Monday, November 16, 2009

Katelin Doctor - RIP and God Bless

UPDATE (3/3/2010): my duaghter brought it to my attention that I did not have all my facts straight, and that meant she felt even more sad, as well as upset that I didn't have it right. I am more then happy to correct the facts, since they are important.

Last Tuesday, the communities of Silver Creek and Angola, New York lost a bright and shining light - and a future leader. Katelin Doctor, a sixth gradeer at Silver Creek Middle School, died unexpectedly after a short illness. You can read the obit here.

I bring this to you attention because Katie D was my 11 year old daughter's best friend. They have been inseperable for most of the last two and a half years, and for the longest time she was part of a really close group of 6 friends. I don't remember a school story that my daughter told in that time that didn't include Katie. Katie D hosted my daughter at her first sleep over.

As you might imagine, this has hit my little Sweet Pea pretty hard. She was at the funeral this AM, and I can't even begin to imagine what she must have felt. I wanted to throw my arms around her and make it all right, but I can't. No father can. And no little girls should ever have to face this.

So to Katie - you may be gone from this earth, but you will live on in our hearts and minds for the rest of our lifetime. Thanks for being so close to Sweet Pea. Thanks for welcoming her into your life, sharing her secrets, making her laugh, and being a part of her life. She misses you, and therefore I miss you.


jg said...

Such a tragedy. I'm sorry for the family and friends who must endure the loss.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this.

Katelin was my husband's niece.

We miss her very much.

I am glad to know she had such a good friend.

Laurel Graham

Philip H. said...

Thanks for stopping by. As you mentioned, Katie had a LOT of close friends at Silver Creek who are still grieving - but they are talking about putting that grief to good use. And yes, I can't remember a story my duaghter has told in the last three years or so that didn't include Katie. Good frineds indeed.

Brandon Quiter said...

I am the cousin of Katie and for my birthday ( I turned 14 ) I got a picture of Katie and 2 of my other cousins. We were at McDonald's and that was the last time I saw her before she died. I wish she could have lived forever. I am so very sad.