Friday, November 6, 2009

Words of Wisdom from a dead guy - George Carlin

I frankly don't give a f&%$ how it all tunrs out in this country - or anywhere else for that matter. I htink the human game was up a long time ago (When the high priests and traders took over), and now we're just playing out the string. And that is, of course, precisely what I find so amusing: the slow circling of the drain by a once promising species, and the sappy, ever-more-desparate belief in this country that there is actually some sort of "American Dream" which has been merely misplaced.

Have a great Friday - and ask yourself this: How did Mr. Carlin see the world that he got this so right?

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Thomas Joseph said...

Frankly, that's one bitter viewpoint of the human race, and if this is all there is ... why do any of us bother doing anything? There is no putting the stopped back into the drain if it indeed has been pulled.

I believe in the redemption of man. I also believe we can rise to the occasion when called to do so. This is not my point of view, this is not how I view the human race.

Not to pull out the entire atheism/theism card, but Carlin was an unabashed atheist, and it seems from this quote, a bit of nihilist to boot.